The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Dominates Luxury Competition

February 8th, 2021 by

Alfa Romeo continues its winning tradition by blowing the luxury sports car competition out of the water. Its newest addition to the fleet, the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia, is outracing its competition. Rooted in the company’s heritage in international racing, the Giulia has a superior engine that gives performance its competitors can only dream of. This post compares the latest sports sedan of Alfa Romeo and other luxury vehicles.

Outstanding Horsepower
If you want a luxury sports car that runs very fast, then it should have lots of power. The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia has that and way better than its closest competitor. Its all-aluminum 2.0-liter Direct Inject I4 Turbo engine produces 280 horsepower, a very impressive number compared to Audi A4’s 252 horsepower, Jaguar XE Premium RWD’s 240 horsepower, and Lexus IS 200T RWD’s 241 horsepower.

Fastest 0-60 mph Conversion
2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Rear Exterior
More power means more acceleration, and more acceleration means the car can shift to a faster speed in a shorter time. It has a 0-60 mph conversion of just 5.1 seconds, besting the other luxury sports car again. The Audi A4 is at 5.7 second, Jaguar XE Premium is at 6.5 second, and Lexus IS 200T RWD is at 6.5 seconds.

Highest Top Speed
This is where the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia leaves its competitors in the dust. The outstanding power combined with the cars lightness (it is made of ultralight materials like carbon fiber, aluminum, and high-strength composite materials) produce a top speed of 149 mph. None of the other luxury cars came close with Lexus IS 200T RWD at 143 mph, Audi A4 at 130 mph, and Jaguar XE Premium RWD at 120 mph.

The Giulia Leaves the Competition in the Dust
2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Grey Exterior Front View

The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia clearly outruns the competition on luxury sports cars in terms of performance, by far. The legacy of Alfa Romeo’s century-old excellence in sports racing is embedded in this world-class luxury sports sedan. If you want to experience the performance of the Giulia for yourself, there is a lot of 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia for sale in Yorba Linda, CA.

Test Drive the Alfa Romeo Giulia in Anaheim Hills, CA
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